Frequently Asked Questions:


What type of program do you offer?

We offer a play-based, nature inspired, emergent curriculum preschool program in the beautiful Kensington hills.  Our educators are committed to instilling children with a love of learning while immersing them in a warm, nurturing, creative, stimulating, and safe environment. We believe in educating the whole child through a developmentally appropriate balance of guided exploration, discovery, and hands-on play that prepares them for future success in school. Your child's time at Pine Crest will be spent exploring all the major areas of development: social/emotional, cognitive, language and literacy, along with gross and fine motor.     


How large is your school?

Our school consists of two separate levels based on age: two and three year olds are in our downstairs classrooms with four and five year olds in our upstairs classrooms.  In each age group, we have 15-20 children with 3-4 teachers so that we maintain low ratios.  While our indoor environments are divided by age, our expansive outdoor classroom provides us with the wonderful opportunity for mixed-ages learning where both groups can enjoy the space simultaneously.    


How old are the children?

24 months – 6 years.


Do you take field trips?

We take walking trips throughout our neighborhood to beautiful places including Blake Gardens, Arlington Park, the Kensington library, and Kensington Park.  We also plan traditional fields trips throughout the year in which we arrange for parent drivers and other public transportation accommodations. 


Do I need to provide snacks and a lunch for my child?

Pine Crest provides morning and afternoon snack for your child that consists of two healthy food groups.  Our snack menu is posted in each classroom.  Children bring their own lunch from home everyday.  


Can I visit your school during regular hours?

Absolutely.  We welcome tours throughout the year and encourage inquiring families to visit our program while the children are in attendance.  Please fill out the tour request form on our website under the enrollment tab. 


When do you accept enrollment for new children?

We accept new enrollees throughout the year, however, most spaces become available at the beginning of our school year when our older children move on to Kindergarten.  Children already enrolled from the previous year receive first priority for any newly available spaces, and new enrollment is accepted on first-come, first-served basis, with consideration given to balancing age, gender, and diversity.


I have visited Pine Crest and have decided that your program is the best fit for our family.  What is the next step?

We recommend that you also visit other schools to ensure that you have explored the broad spectrum of child development programs available.  Once you have chosen us as the program that best meets your family’s needs, please submit the $40 registration fee. If there is space available for your desired schedule and start date, we will notify your family to set up an enrollment meeting. Otherwise, your child will be placed on our waiting list and you will be informed as soon as a spot is available. An enrollment meeting with our Director is where we will go over all details of our school policies and complete the contract with the initial enrollment fee (equal to one month’s tuition). We encourage all parents of the child to attend this important meeting as it begins the foundation for future communication and relationship building. 


How can I ease my child’s transition to your program on his/her first day?

Transitions can be especially difficult for young children, and each child has individual needs.  During the few weeks leading up to your child’s first day, you and your child can visit us to become more familiar with the environment, staff, and other children.  Please contact our Director to make these arrangements.